Toronto | Manpuku

After admiring the diverse collection of art pieces at the AGO, we made our way to Manpuku for lunch because it was nearby. I had read numerous raving reviews about the food so I was eager to dig into some comforting and delicious Japanese cooking!

I found the takoyaki to be a bit doughy with scarce filling but it did have a nice crispy exterior. Not bad, but it didn’t impress me as the best takoyaki ever.

These were really yummy! For some reason, the tofu nuggets were really addictive to eat. Texture-wise, it’s fairly light but still very flavourful from the sauce.

Mmmm the curry udon broth was so rich and comforting. I just kept slurping up the udon noodles! The only thing I didn’t like was that just as I had suspected from its appearance, the beef was quite lean and a bit chewy. However, the curry udon was a generous portion for the price.

The Una Tama Don is grilled eel and egg on rice. While this was still delicious and finished quickly, there was a very thin layer of eel and egg covering the bowl of rice. It would have been better if the topping to rice ratio was more balanced.

Manpuku serves some pretty comforting Japanese food that is very reasonably priced. Some of the dishes are clearly better than others, but it was a great meal overall. As I’m writing this, I really wish I can get that curry udon right now!


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