Toronto | Boston Pizza

Since it was my first time going to Toronto, I had to make the obligatory trip to see Niagara Falls in all its glory. A few touristy activities and countless photos later, my stomach was rumbling and that meant lunch time! We decided to just stop at Boston Pizza in the Clifton Hill area because we didn’t rent a car and it would be inconvenient to go further out for better food.

Cactus cut potatoes were very crispy and a must order whenever I am at a Boston Pizza location.

I don’t think you can go wrong with pasta at Boston Pizza; especially when it’s topped with copious amounts of cheese. Although the Boston’s Broken Lasagna was lacking the al dente texture, at least the broken lasagna pieces were not mushy.

I cannot remember what my brother ordered but it appeared to be off a special menu as a healthier meal option.

Our meal at Boston Pizza did its job of filling us up but it tasted quite lackluster. Considering how we had limited options in the area, I couldn’t expect too much from a restaurant so close to tourist attractions.


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